Nov 30

there are no accidents. and i truly believe that more and more the older i get. everything happens when they are supposed to happen.  

my friend gifted me a feng shui session as a birthday gift and i was beyond excited. i take great pride in my home space, always have (it’s a scandinavian thing i think) and i’m so grateful for living in, what’s consider a lot of space in NY, and a beautiful loft in brooklyn. the way i have decorated it is according to my taste and the ‘mental space’ i’ve been in during the last 4 1/2 years we’ve occupied the loft. i feel our home has good energy, but i also feel i’ve changed a lot in the last few years, and with that i have felt a few things were missing. i felt i needed a few pointers, so i was very interested in what the feng shui master would say and have me do. 

Deannna, the feng shui master and i went through all of the rooms in our home as i took notes on what she recommended i do. some rooms needed more work than others, but overall it was really good with small little shifts of energy needing to happen. i am so psyched to get going on re-arranging and getting new stuff to harmonize every nook and cranny of our home.

you can read more about the feng shui process on this link:

when we were done, Deanna gave me an I Ching reading and it was incredible. right on. she told me exactly what space i am in now and she said some things about my past that was so ‘nailing on the head’ that i just burst into laughter and could not stop laughing for a while. it was so true and i got such a great way of articulating such a time of perceived failure in my past, that i have moved on from, but have never been able to articulate it in such a way. but now i do, and i am so grateful for that. i’m sure i will share this story at some point. but isn’t it fun when somebody just nails it on the head and gives you a way to articulate something you previously were not able to articulate? i love that! :-) 

what Deanna was telling me about my past and now my present and how that will lead me into my future is so in tune with what i intuitively have been flowing with. i find myself amazed at how intuitive i am, and how much i allow myself to be guided by my intuition. i know that the more i follow my intuition i’m always doing the right thing. it’s not always easy to follow, but when i do; it’s always right on. always. 

right now i’m on a ‘focusing inward’ phase of my life, and i’ve talked about it in this blog in recent weeks. i have intuitively felt the more i focus outward the more miserable i feel. the more i focus inward the happier i am. 

such incredible stuff. it was no accident i had the feng shui session now. it was the right time. no accidents happen. everything happens when they are supposed to.

just let it FLOW  :-) 

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